Waist Beads Wow!

You should absolutely watch your weight in order to manage your wellness.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a scale worshiper!  Remember that your looking for PROGRESS, not perfection.  I manage my weight by wearing waist beads.  And let me tell me you!  They are not only a good way to measure your progress but are SEXY, SEXY, SEXY!!!

Waist beads are designed to help with managing weight gain. They help you to track progress in a non-obtrusive way.   They can also be a reminder of what you are working towards.  I wear mine every day.  I sometimes leave them on when going to bed. Yes, my husband loves that.  African women have been using waist beads for weight loss for several centuries for shaping up their bodies.  Don’t be fooled by photos of only slender women wearing waist beads. Women of all shapes and sizes can confidently adorn themselves with waist beads as well. Wearing them is really a personal reflection and appreciation for your God-given beauty.  Whether you make your own or purchase, get yours today, release yourself from the scale, and get your Sexy On!

***If you like my waist beads and you are looking for personalized waist beads, contact Namia Vance, owner of Waist Beads by Reign (IG and FB) for handmade customized waist beads. ***

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