Did you say Smooches Model?

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Yup, that’s right. I am officially a Smooches Model. This movement ran by CEO, Chante Bradley incorporates being CURVY at its best. I have been having the time of my life. I’ve always taken pictures and loved it. Now I’m learning to do my own make up and work the run way! I was always confident, but you can’t tell me nothing now!!! It is important to keep yourself current and to continue to grow. This was a challenge for me. It’s different when you show pretty pictures, but to actually walk down a catwalk to people staring at you, it was a big step for me. But I jumped at the chance and will not look back.

The Smooches Movement is a movement that enhances and empowers the lives of curvy women everywhere. The goal is to inspire CURVY women to be BOLD, CONFIDENT AND BEAUTIFUL through learning to love themselves, living abundantly. Smooches is motivated by the principles to educate, empower, inspire and build a strong sisterhood among our members. www.smoocheswoman.com

Here are some candid and behind the scenes photos from my orientation and events I was recently a part of.

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