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I was chosen as the Featured Fit Girl Who Rocks! This is an awesome honor and makes me strive for more! Looking at my before picture I would have never imagined myself in the place I am today. I thank God for waking me up so that I finally realized that I am so much more than a number on a scale. I wasn’t grateful enough for not having high blood pressure, diabetes at the size I was. According to the medicine world, I should have had all kinds of health issues. No more complaining about the arthritis in my knees or the hypothyroidism. If that it all I have to deal with, I’ll take it! Instead on focusing on loosing weight, I focus on being healthy, eating whole foods, losing body fat and gaining muscle, building my endurance, and most of all being happy and living life to the fullest as I accomplish my health goals.

What better way to celebrate your born day and weight loss success, then by being the Featured Fit Girl that ROCK's!…

Posted by Fit Girls ROCK on Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fit Girls ROCK Bmore LLC was founded in July 2013 as a vision of three women of various fitness levels. Initially we set out as individuals on separate missions to obtain healthier lifestyles and through Zumba® we built a system of support, accountability and sisterhood. This is the formula that we as Fit Girls ROCK Bmore use to help motivate and inspire others.

Choosing to get fit comes with a mental, physical, and spiritual commitment. It is a journey that is not easy but with will, hard work, and determination you can be successful.

Collectively we volunteer, mentor, coach, train, participate and sponsor fitness initiatives. The Fit Girls ROCK movement continues to grow stronger each day. We are committed to encouraging all women and girls to exercise their right to make better choices.

Thanks you again to the ladies of Fit Girls ROCK for this honor.

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