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The shame stops here. No longer will you feel ashamed of failed attempts at losing weight and keeping it off. Join me as I share my journey of having weight loss surgery 21 years ago weighing over 600 pounds, getting down to 350 pounds and STAYING at 350 pounds for 10 YEARS! Then I started to focus on the inner me and finished my weight loss journey losing over 400 pounds. I learned my worth and now know that I am so much more than numbers on a scale. I’ve reached the best goal – WELLNESS. I now focus on living in my joy by being happy, healthy, and waking up feeling amazing! Follow me for guidance, simple routines, tips, and hacks that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

It’s your time. Now take it!,

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Schedule a call with me now. I’ll help you get clear on exactly what losing weight looks like specifically for you, what might be holding you back from losing weight permanently, and you’ll leave the session knowing what your next best step is.

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Whether you believe you can or cannot, YOU ARE RIGHT.

As a result of going through my coaching programs, women struggling with their weight learn to empower their voices and push pass where they would normally stop in their quest to be happy, healthy, and fit, and finally, live by their greatness and not by their size.  I’m looking for individuals who are sick and tired of trying to improve their wellness with no results and feel like a watered-down version of themselves who are now committed to doing the work with guidance and open themselves for the process that will allow them to live in their joy.  If you or anyone you know are ready to learn how to feel amazing, beautiful, and happy while transforming your health, click below!

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My #1 Best Selling Book

Cute & Curvy: Begin Your Journey To Wellness is now available to download exclusively on Amazon®.

This short read will guide you on your journey to wellness starting from within. She gives a structured approach to reaching happier and healthier lifestyle goals by using positive self-talk, mantras, and journal writing. She shares her beginnings of fat shame, scale worshiping, self-hate, and weight loss journey shedding not only over 300 pounds of body weight but emotional weight. This book is for you whether you have 30 or 300 pounds to lose.

Do not wait. Begin your journey now. Download the book on your phone, tablet or computer.

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